You have entered a destination and a rout has been calculated but no directions are spoken.

There may be two different reasons for this.

  1. Please check whether the device has been set to "Mute"
    If the device is muted, this symbol is shown at the upper status bar:

    The volume of driving directions can be adjusted during navigation.
    1. If the device is mounted in the vehicle:
      You can adjust the volume on the radio during a navigation instruction is being spoken.
      If necessary, tap on the large arrow field to play the current announcement.

    2. If the device is not mounted in the vehicle:

      Tap Volume (speaker icon at the bottom of the screen) to open the volume bar.

      This menu gives you three different options: Sound On/Off, Softer and Louder

  2. Please check if there is a contact problem between the navigation device and the vehicle

    Follow these steps to make sure that the connection between device and car is correct:
    1. Disassemble the device and holder from the dashboard of your car
    2. Clean the contacts between dashboard and holder
    3. Reassemble the holder into the dashboard
    4. Double check that the holder fits tight and snapped in at front and back
    5. Clean the contacts between device and holder
    6. Reassemble the device to the holder and check whether the device is correctly connected with the holder