1. First you have to enable the Bluetooth interface (Settings > Bluetooth => "Activate")

  2. Now every Bluetooth device nearby will be listed. Please tap on the device (e.g. helmet) which should be connected with your mobile device.

  3. When the devices are connected you can open the Cruiser app. You'll find in Settings > Sound > Audio output the option Default. (For HFP please choose the option Bluetooth)

  4. Please read the user instructions of your Bluetooth device for more information which format (HFP/ A2DP) is used.

You can also deactivate the Bluetooth connection via the paths above.


  • If you answer a call while the navigation is running, the navigation advices will be stopped. You will only get information on your smartphone screen.

  • If you hear music while the Cruiser navigation is running, both audio signals will be sent either to the iPhone speaker or to your Bluetooth device. The separation of the signals is not possible.(e.g. music over bluetooth and navigation advice over iPhone)

  • If your smartphone is registered on the Bluetooth device it will usually connect automatically if you are nearby and Bluetooth is active. This option can be changed in your main settings. Further information you can find on the homepage of Apple.

    Furthermore you have to deactivate the function "Bluetooth Audio" manually on your Bluetooth device. This option is not feasible on every Bluetooth device. So please check the user instructions of your audio system.
  • We as app devolper are not responsible for the audio output on a certain devices or speakers. This distribution happens on the bases of the operating system (Android).