1. Open the Cruiser app.

  2. Switch to the main menu (2x swipe right) or in the Quicklinks (1x swipe right) and tap on Route planning.

  3. Now you have the following options:

    - Round Trip 
    - New route 
    - Last route
    - Load route 

    Now we want to explain the two options Round Trip and New route:

  4. Round Trip

    Here you can plan a round trip with the same start and finish position. You can also define an own interim destination.

    In the field Start you have the default value from your current position. But you can also choose another position if you want.

    Now you have the possibility to define an interim destination or cardinal direction + time designation. Therefore your route will be calculated. Afterwards you see the route on the map and you can adjust it via the two sliders.

    You can now start your route by tapping the check button

  5. New Route

    Here you can plan a normal route with different start and finish position. It's also possible to enter up to 99 interim destinations.

    Initially you have to define the first route point. You have the following options to enter the address:

    - Address (Favourites & Contacts, WOW! Favourites, Select from map)
    - Online Search
    - POI (POI nearby, POI in a city, POI nationwide, etc.)

    Now you can add more route points by tapping the "+" icon. For a valid route you have to define at least two route points.

    Attention: The route points will be calculated sequentially through the list. You can also switch or delete individual points in your route. You can switch them over the "Edit" button in the right top corner. Then you can switch them with "drag and drop" (three lines) or delete them by tapping on the red icons.

  6. When you've finished your route, please confirm it with check button.

  7. Now you have the option to adjust the route with the two sliders.

  8. You can now start your route by tapping the check button