The webpage "" is only available in German. The buttons can't be translated.

  1. To set the first waypoint of your route please click with your mouse on the map or type in the address in the field "Wegpunkt setzen via Adress-Suche" (English: Set waypoint via address search).

  2. Now you can do this for ever additional waypoint. Furthermore you can add intermediate targets or move the route via "Drag and Drop".

    Attention: Please be careful that you set the waypoints in the correct driving direction on federal highways or freeways.

  3. In the left option menu you have setting like "Autobahn meiden" (English: No highways) or "Mautstrassen meiden" (English: No tollways)

  4. After you've planned your route you can save, load or forward it via the "Tour Aktionen" (English: Tour actions).

  5. In "GPS-Export" choose the format "Cruiser (Navigon Cruiser)".

  6. Then click on Export.

  7. Name your route and click on Download.

  8. You can find your tour in the download folder of your browser.

  9. Transfer the created file via Email, Cloud (e.g. DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive...), USB cable etc. on your smartphone.

  10. Now open the file on your mobile device and the route will open directly in the Cruiser app.


  • It is still possible to adjust the route via the Cruiser app using the available function for how direct or curvy it should be. This will, however, change the planned route.
  • A maximum of 100 way-points can be created for the iOS version. Please be aware of this when planning the route.