If you want to change your device, then you will have to differentiate the various processes: 

Process 1: The end user device remains unchanged

You have been using a particular device and want to remain with this type. In this case, you can continue using the navigation software as long as the new device is displayed on the compatibility list.

Transferring content onto another PDA
Please be aware that transferring purchased products from an old device onto a new PDA that the content from the old device have to be removed. For more information, please read the terms and conditions.

Device replacement
if you want to use a device of the same type and the same operating system due to a hardware defect of the previously used device, then purchased products and functions can be transferred. Please be aware that when a device has been exchanged that a transfer onto a new device possible is. Please contact our customer support for this.

Please have your old and new device and registration details available.

Process 2: The end user device will change

You are changing, for example, from a PDA to a mobile phone or from a navigation device to a PDA. This scenario pertains to similar other combinations of devices. In this case, the previously used software will not function on the new device.