You are able to re-install the software with NAVIGON Fresh and reset the device to factory settings. This will be necessary if the device no longer functions properly or if the software runs too slow for particular processes, doesn't function at all or no longer starts.

Please note that reinstalling the software will delete the saved data and addresses. It it necessary to update the software and maps.

 To reinstall the software and reset the device to factory settings, do the following:

  1. Check in the compatibility list if the device is supported to restore.

  2. Please ensure that the device is fully charged.

  3. Connect your device with the supplied USB cable to your PC and switch it on.

  4. Start the NAVIGON Fresh and log in with your MyNAVIGON account details.
    If NAVIGON Fresh has not been installed yet, then you can download this here.
  5. Select My NAVIGON device and Restore device in the above horizontal Menu.

  6. If NAVIGON Fresh does not recognize your device, please contact NAVIGON customer services.

  7. Follow the instruction and select your device which you would like to restore.

  8. As soon as the program has gone through all the steps, proceed to restore.

  9. Once restoring has completed, check whether updates are available for your device and install these.