Either the software was not installed properly or the necessary processes did not run when the device was started or by connecting the device to your PC, important data was lost, which were necessary to start your device.

You are able to resolve the issue by doing the following:

  1. Perform a Software-Reset on your device.

  2. If the Software-Reset did not resolve the issue, then proceed by doing a Hardware-Reset.
    Please note, that all saved data on the device will be deleted! 

  3. If the first two steps did not successfully help in resolving the issue, we recommend restoring a backup of the previously saved data. For this, you will need to select Backup and restore via NAVIGON Fresh.

  4. If a backup is not available or you can not proceed to restore the backup onto your device, we recommend restoring the software via Device Restore in NAVIGON Fresh.

  5. After completing restoring the software, install the current software update. Select Software-Update via NAVIGON Fresh for this.

  6. If none of the above resolves the issue, please contact our Customer Service.