The basis for our navigation maps is the detailed and comprehensive coverage of the road network. The map data must be permanently updated, as about 15% of the road network changes every year (new roads, changes in the road, one-way streets, etc.).

The map data is not generated by NAVIGON, but supplied by the specialized map supplier HERE.

To keep the maps up to date, every year millions of road miles are covered, digitized and marked with detailed traffic information.

Detailed traffic information includes road or road sections (e.g. one-way, turn-over, motorway, country road, speed limit), but also special destinations ( POIs, train stations, petrol stations, restaurants).

To gather this information, special equipped cars are used. Afterwards, the data will be digitized through a complex process, that takes several months.

You can be assured that with the NAVIGON-software or the NAVIGON devices, you are using the latest available maps.