If your navigation system equipped with a Bluetooth interface, which also provides additional functions, such as streaming music, displaying SMS or other data services, you can check here for compatibility of your smartphone:

  • Hands-free: Usually all smartphones support hands-free to connect to your hands-free car kit.
  • Streaming music via Bluetooth: the Bluetooth Profiles A2DP and AVRCP are necessary.
  • Live Services: Requirements for Live Services can be found here (leads to "features/Live").
  • read/display SMS: Your smartphone needs Bluetooth MAP profile to read and display SMS (only a few smartphones support this feature).

You can download a list of compatible smartphones here.

If you do not find your smartphone in this list, it does not mean, it is not compatible. The last Bluetooth certificate has been updated in 2013.

If your smartphone is not compatible, we kindly ask you to contact VW AG, as NAVIGON and GARMIN have no influence on the updating of this feature.