Connecting the smartphone and the PID via Bluetooth:
  1. The availability of the Bluetooth must be switched on. Only then can the PID find the smart phone. Go to settings menu and select Bluetooth.
  2. In the Settings menu set the check mark for the visibility of the phone for non-paired Bluetooth devices.
  3. Now a search can be started on the PID, which must find the mobile phone within two minutes. The mobile phone must be selected on the PID as a device to be coupled, and the coupling must then be confirmed on the PID and the mobile phone.
  4. If the pairing is successful, the following entry appears in the mobile phone: "coupled".

Sharing the data connection for the PID on your mobile phone:
  1. Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone.

  2. The phone is coupled to the PID via Bluetooth.

  3. Select in main menu the “Settings” and then select „More Settings".

  4. In the „Wireless and networks“ select the „Tethering and portable hotspot“.

  5. Select „Tethering“. (Help iPhone / Help Android)  

  6. The data connection is now released, the Live Services can be used via the mobile phone on PID.

Use the data connection abroad:
  1. If a data connection is needed abroad, it must be enabled on the mobile phone the roaming.
  2. Main menu → Settings → More Settings → Mobile Networks → Data roaming
    Set the check mark, the info pop-up "roaming may cause additional charges. Continue?" Confirm with OK.