VW/Seat/Skoda vehicles have three different mileometers:

  1. "From start counter" (Bus sleep mode).
    • This counter starts from 0, when the vehicle stops moving for more than 2 hours.
  2. "Long distance counter"
    • This counter tracks the driving distance of any trip within 19:59 hours or 1999,9 kilometers/miles and restarts from 0 afterwards.
  3. "Total distance counter"
    • This counter tracks the total driving distance of the vehicle. This counter resets once a certain value is reached, depending on the vehicle. Please ask your car dealer for the exact value.
    • This counter is displayed only in the cars instrument panel.

The NAVIGON/Garmin device itself does not track or save any of these values, it just displays the information that it receives from the car's board computer.

Additional information can be found in the car's manual.