This message is displayed on all these devices at the initial start and after performing a software update. The message should disappear within 30 seconds after pairing the device to the vehicle. A confirmation with the vehicle data should be displayed on the device.


Connect the device to the car holder in the car and start the ignition.

When the On-Board computer of the vehicle is not running, no information can be sent from the vehicle to the GPS device.

If the message is still displayed after this, the following has to be done:

  • Lock the car holder to the front and rear of the contact plate in the dashboard
  • Check the correct position of the device in the holder
  • If necessary clean the contacts between the device and the holder
  • Perform a soft-/hardreset or a device recovery  

If this does not solve the error, refer the customer to the dealer. The dealer can check whether the holder or the contact plate are defective.