There are permantent changes in the road network. If your maps are older it can happen that the information are not up to date anymore. Even if you use the lateste maps it is possible that not every change is implemented.

Therefore we ask you for your support. If you want to report an error in the map please follow the instructions below. 


  1. Open the following link of Here Maps:
  2. Then you can register for a Here account or sign in with your Facebook account.

  3. Click then on "Customer Ticket".

  4. Here you have several fields to fill in:

    - Select a problem (e.g. Road network, House number, etc.)
    - Select a type (e.g Traffic coding, Intersection coding, etc.)
        Depending on what you have selected you have to fill in further details
    - Customer reference ID (optional)
    - Further information
    - Add image/file

  5. After you have filled out every necessary field you can send the map error via "Submit" to Here Maps. They will check if the reported error is valid and add it then to the new map releases. Unfortunately we can't estimate when the reported map error is finally in the NAVIGON maps.