Please note:  This option is only available for the following devices:
20 Easy, 20 Plus, 40 Easy, 40 Essential, 40 Plus, 40 Premium (including Live, Truck, ViaMichelin and ViaMichelin Live), 42 Essential, 70 Plus, 70 Plus Live, 70 Premium (including Live, Truck, ViaMichelin and ViaMichelin Live)
1100, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx, Primo, 21xx max, 22xx, 23xx, 24xx,  2510,  33xx max, 43xx max (including 4350 max ViaMichelin), 6310 (including Truck and ViaMichelin), 6350, 7210, 7310, 8110, 8310, 8410 (including Truck and ViaMichelin), 8450, Primo Max,  8410 Premium, 8450 Premium

Your device has to have version 7.x. You can check the software version via: "options > settings > options > product information".


  1. Please connect your device via USB to your computer.

  2. Start NAVIGON Fresh.

  3. Click on File > transfer contacts

    "Contacts from Microsoft Outlook":
    If you have installed Microsoft Outlook and set up an account, you can import your contacts via this option.

    "Contacts from Google":
    Due to technical conditions this option is not available anymore since 2016.

  4. The transfer is started by clicking "Next". You find your contacts on your NAVIGON device via "My destinations" > "imported contacts/ imported addresses".