Transferring the purchased NAVIGON app

If the NAVIGON app was purchased via the Microsoft Store, then you are able to install it via the Microsoft Store  onto and use it on a new WindowsPhone device (up to 5 devices simultaneously). It is necessary to use the same Microsoft account for the device which was used with the initial purchase. A transfer onto a different operating system (WindowsPhone to iOS or  Android) is not permitted nor technically possible.

Transferring the NAVIGON Select app

If you are using the NAVIGON Select app from the Microsoft Store and would like to transfer this onto another device (also Android), please contact our  Customer Services per email or telephone.

Have the IMEI of your old and new device on hand as well as the telephone number/s used to make the in-app purchases. Open the telephone keyboard and enter *#06# to display the IMEI. 

Please note:  The NAVIGON Select app (without in-apps) can be used free of charge with Android, iOS and WindowsPhone for 2 years. Once this has expired, it is necessary to purchase an in-app to continue using it. The purchased in-apps are bound to the respective operating system store for licensing reasons. This means: If you have purchased in-apps for the NAVIGON Select app via the Microsoft Store, then these are only available for use there.