A general malfunction regarding the determination of location with our app is not known. From our experience, there are a few points to be taken into account which improves positioning. We therefore recommend checking the following to ensure a good GPS signal while navigating.


All apps, just like our NAVIGON app,receive the necessary information for a location via the end user device. For this, the official interfaces of the end user device are used, which then forwards the determined location to the app.

Apps generally do not have any influence on the GPS signal, instead, they use the the location data of the end user device. This decides itself, by which different ways the location is determined. Ordinarily, a rough determination of location is firstly calculated via the Wi-Fi and the available radio cell. This is sufficient for displaying a position on the map and, for example, to look for specific things in the surrounding area.

Following this, an exact location can be determined via the GPS Module of the end user device. The orientation of the map is implemented in connection with a built-in gyroscope. This kind of determination of location is basically necessary for all navigation apps.

It is for this reason, that a good GPS signal is an advantage when ensuring a precise navigation with our app. Other apps, which only display a location or implement a search of the surrounding area, only use a simple positioning( Wi-Fi/radio cell).

Possible origin of error:

Positioning of the device in a vehicle

The positioning/mounting of the end user device in the vehicle is important to receiving a good GPS signal. It is optimal to position the end user device in a special mount near the windscreen to allow the built-in GPS antenna to point to the open sky. Is the mobile device laid lower in the tray or upside-down in a drink's tray, then it is impossible to determine a location. This causes the navigation not to function at all or break-off on occasion.

Windshield Heat Blocker

If the vehicle comes with a windshield heat blocker, so-called heat insulation glass, the GPS signal in the vehicle is limited. The metal layer on the windshield reflects the GPS signal, which is why not enough signals are able to be sent/received.

Normally there is a notch in the coating of this sort of windshield of such vehicles (mostly in the area of the rear-view mirror) to enable the the exchange of radio waves (i.e. mobile data reception, GPS, garage door opener or radio devices). It best to position the device there to enable a satisfactory GPS reception. More information to this can be found in the operation manual of the vehicle or at your car dealership. Such conditions can prolong the determination of location.

If the journey is started without having received an available GPS signal, then it is not possible to calculate a route. GPS signals will indeed be searched for while driving, but these are determined far better while not in motion (i.e. at a red light, parked).

If you have been able to exclude these origin of errors and continue to experience bad positioning, then this may be down to a hardware defect of the end user device. In this case, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device, who will be able to assist in providing further information on GPS signals or repair the device.