If you have multiple destinations to cover, then you can use the Trip Planner function.
It is only possible to enter up to 25 interim destinations for one route due to technical reasons (hardware limitations).
If you require more interim destinations, then the trip needs to be divided into multiple planned trips.

Example: You have planned a trip with  46 destinations and had to create 2 trip planners by entering 25 destination for route 1 and 21 destinations for route 2. As soon as you have completed the first route, you will have to start the second one. 


This is how you can enter multiple destinations with the Trip Planner: 

  1. Start the NAVIGON app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on Trip Planner via the main menu.

  3. Now select the following New Route > Enter an address.

  4. Enter the desired address and tap on the button Add to route.

  5. Select the plus symbol on the top right corner to enter another destination.

  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until all desired destinations have been entered.

  7. Then you will have to tap on the overview menu (3 point symbol) and then Save route.

Did you know?  
You are able to skip saved interim destinations during navigation as long as more than 2, within a planned trip, are saved. Just tap on the overview menu (3 point symbol) and then on  Route. Now will be able to delete the upcoming destination on this route via Skip current destination