You will always receive an invoice when you have made an app/in-app purchase. 

 You receive an invoice for the paid NAVIGON app and in-apps via Google Wallet if purchased via the Google Play Store:

  1. Open Google Wallet via your internet browser by entering the following:

  2. Log in with your correct Google account details
    (same Google account which was used for the initial purchase).

  3. Select the desired purchase.

  4. The invoice will now be displayed which can be saved directly onto your PC.

 If you are experiencing problems logging in, please contact  Google Play  Customer Support 

You can request an invoice directly from us for the purchased in-apps of the pre-installed NAVIGON Select-App :

Please contact our Customer Service Support, so that the request can be processed.

The following details are required: 

  • Copy of the invoice where the in-app purchase is visible

  • The IMEI of the mobile device

  • The mobile number used to make the purchase

  • Method of invoice delivery (per email as a PDF document or per post)

For the NAVIGON app purchased via the Amazon App-Store:

An invoice is available for a NAVIGON app purchased via the Amazon Store in your Amazon customer account.

To get a copy of the invoice, follow the instructions from Amazon via the following link:

Amazon App - Invoice and order summary