The NAVIGON app needs permission to access multiple functions on the mobile device to ensure that the NAVIGON app and all its features can be used. The customer has to grant the NAVIGON app these permissions, to be able to download it from the Google Play Store.

You can find a list with all the permissions below:

In-App purchases
Additional packages (inApps) can be bought directly via the NAVIGON app.

Device & app history
The NAVIGON app checks if there are other apps running in the background. This is necessary, to ensure that the NAVIGON app always stays in the foreground. Systemfunctions (SMS, Phone, etc.) are excluded from this permission.


The NAVIGON app accesses the contact addresses, to allow navigation directly to the phonebook contacts.


Precise location (GPS and network-based): To be able to use the navigation the app needs to access the GPS and/or mobile data network. The usage of the mobile data network is optional and allows for a more precise positioning.

Approximate location (network-based): To allow an approximate postioning via the mobile data network when no GPS is available.

This is needed for Glympse (It is possible to send the GPS positon via SMS to other Glympse users).

This permission includes "read call list" and "read contacts". The NAVIGON app uses only "read contacts" to be able to navigate to the phonebook contacts.


Modify or delete the contents of the USB storage: With Android below 4.0 it is possible to install maps and services via USB connection to a PC. The existing data in the app will be replaced or deleted.

Test access to protected storage: With this permission, additional content for the NAVIGON app can be saved and removed from the smartphones internal and external memory.


This permission is needed for "Real View". Real View is a feature that provides you with augmented reality information about buildings and points of interest near you by looking throug the camera of your smartphone.

Device ID & Call information
This permission is needed to authenticate the Device and to receive calls during navigation.


Full network access: The NAVIGON app offers map updates and feature updates. These are downloaded via WiFi, therefore the app needs access to the phones network.

Prevent device from sleeping: To be able to use the app without interruptions it is necessary to prevent the phone from entering sleep mode while navigating.

View network connections: The permission is needed to check if a data connection is available, which allows the usage of features like Traffice Live or Mobile Alert Live and the download of additional packages.

Modify System settings: This permission allows the NAVIGON app to receive information about system settings and adjust them (GPS, Audio, Battery, Framerate).

Control vibration: The NAVIGON app uses vibration to indicate directions when using the "Real View" feature.

Control flashlight: While navigation in pedestrian mode, the phones flashlight can be activated directly from the NAVIGON app.

Change your audio settings: To control the audio volume of the NAVIGON app, it needs access to the audio settings of the phone.

Access Bluetooth settings & pair with Bluetooth devices The NAVIGON app accesses the bluetooth settings to connect: The NAVIGON app accesses the bluetooth settings to connect with other bluetooth devices. This is necessary to allow audio streaming via bluetooth. Bluetooth has to be enabled in the phones system settings for that.

Send sticky broadcast: This is necessary to allow the NAVIGON app to constantly communicate with other processes. For example to prevent the screen saver from activating.

Control Near Field Communication: If a device that supports NFC is used, the NAVIGON app can be started automatically when near a NFC chip. For this it is necessary to programm the NFC chip acordningly.