You have installed the NAVIGON app and receive the following error message:

"Could not start the installation. There is no memory card inserted.
Please insert a memory card and repeat the operation.


The NAVIGON app will be installed on the internal memory. 
If there is no or not enough memory available, the installation is not possible causes for the above error.

Android version lower than 4.0:

You can use an SD-card to upgrade the internal memory,
If you are already using an SD-card, please do the following:

  • Remove the SD-card, clean the contacts, insert the SD card again
  • Restart the mobile device
  • Make sure the device is not connected to a computer
  • Delete the data on the SD-card and reinstall the NAVIGON app (Problem occurs by manually transferring the data from the old device to the new one).

Android version higher than 4.0:

The NAVIGON app can not be installed on the SD-card.
There must be enough memory on the internal memory to complete the installation.

If an SD card is being used, the NAVIGON folder on the SD-card must be deleted before installing the app.

Android version 6.0:

With the upgrade to Android 6.0, the SD-card was not fully integrated. This is a systematic bug from Android and can only be resolved by formatting the SD-card.

ATTENTION: If you format your SD-card, all data will be erased and can not be recovered. Please back up your data of the SD-card. before formatting it, on your computer.