You have bought a NAVIGON MyRegions app (e.g. NAVIGON Europe) but you can only select single countries of this continent (e.g. NAVIGON UK)


Both apps use the same Device ID for each continent. Therefore the regional app blocks the maps which are necessary for the MyRegions app (e.g. NAVIGON Europe).


  • Deinstall the MyRegions app (e.g NAVIGON Europe) and reinstall the regional version (e.g NAVIGON UK).

  • To have access to all countries you have to purchase the in-app "FreshMaps XL Europe 44" for the regional version (e.g. NAVIGON UK). Details can be found in the in-app description.

  • The MyRegions app (e.g NAVIGON Europe) incl. purchased in-apps will be refunded. Therefore please contact our customer support via online form, email or telephone.

    For the refund we need the following data from you:
    - Last name, first name
    - Your Google account (Email address)
    - Full purchase number
    - Purchased product incl. in-apps to be refunded