Users of Android devices, can only purchase the NAVIGON apps from Google Play Store.
The purchases and management of those apps is solely handled by Google Play Store.

If the app is not compatible with your device you are able to request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

How you are requesting a refund is explained below:

  • within 2 hours of purchase you are enabled to request a refund without any justification.
    To do so, open Google Play Store and tap on Main menu > My apps and games > Installed. Tap on the NAVIGON icon and then on "Refund".

  • within 48 hours of purchase you can request a refund via Google support.
    Detailed instructions can be found on the Google support page.

  • within 14 days of purchase you can request a refund via our NAVIGON customer support.
    You will find all contact details on our homepage, where you can either call our customer support or contact us via web form.

    We require the following information:
    - Google Account, with which you purchased the app.
    - Order ID of your purchase.
    - App or In-App, you'd like to get refunded.
    - Reason for the refund of the NAVIGON app or in-App.

  • more than 14 days after purchase the app will not be refunded.