In our NAVIGON app you will find in-app products that are billed as a subscription. In order to terminate these products in the event of a change or as required, the respective app store provider has deposited a corresponding function in the customer account.

Important: The app store provider is responsible for managing subscriptions. If you have questions about the process of subscribing or experiencing problems, please contact them first.

Subscriptions are independent and will not be automatically terminated in exchange for any other product. The termination must be done manually:

  1. Select Settings> iTunes & App Store.

  2. At the top of the screen, tap your Apple ID.

  3. Tap Show Apple ID. You may need to log in or use Touch ID.

  4. Tap subscriptions.

  5. Tap the subscription you want to manage or cancel.

At the following link, you will find detailed instructions on how to terminate a subscription:

View, change or cancel iOS subscriptions