Please check if the Apple ID is the same as the Apple ID you used for the initial purchase. 


All purchases, including the NAVIGON app, are managed under your Apple ID (your Apple account). With a new Apple ID (a new Apple account) you are not able to reclaim your purchases, as this is a completely new account.

Please contact Apple Customer Support for assistance with the Apple ID.

If you are using the correct Apple ID, please follow our installation instruction.

Other reasons can be:

  1. You overlooked the app or you were looking in the wrong place.

    Check for the purchased NAVIGON app in the Apple App Store in My account (profile picture top right corner) > Purchases or in the hidden apps.
    For more information please check the Apple homepage: 

  2. You canceled the NAVIGON app in the past and got a refund, but you were still able to use it.

    In October 2015 there was a change by Apple regarding the possibility to reclaim a refunded app. Accordingly, Apple users are no longer able to continue using or repurchase an app after a refund. This change has also been applied retroactively to Apple App Store. To view your purchase history, follow the instructions by Apple.