The NAVIGON app is a navigation based software with offline map data for mobile phones and tablets.  

All maps for navigation (those which are required) have to be downloaded via Wi-Fi. Therefore you are able to use the NAVIGON app, whether on foot, in a car or on a bike, without a mobile data connection.
If you are using the NAVIGON Select app, then a mobile data connection has to be available for every app start. This is for the verification of the user's license. This can not be avoided as this is a fixed element of the NAVIGON Select license. A mobile data connection is only necessary with the purchased NAVIGON app when initially started after the installation for registration purposes.

Real-time services (available as in-app purchases via the In-App-Shop in the App) like Traffic Live, Mobile Alert Live, Mobile Alert Live Premium, Mobile Alert Live Upgrade and Urban Guidance always require a mobile data connection to fully function. It is possible to use offline navigation if internet is not available but without the real-time services. If you would like to leave the mobile data connection activated yet want to use the NAVIGON app offline, then follow these steps to deactivate it:    

  1. Open the Settings of your mobile device.
  2. Select Mobile data .
  3. Look for the NAVIGON app and slide the switch to the left to deactivate it.

Real-time services receive information within seconds from the service provider, just like a traffic company, to avoid traffic delays while navigating. This information can only be received while connected to the internet via a mobile data connection.