New installation of the NAVIGON app (From iOS Vers. 11)

(Required: You need your iPhone or iPad and also a WiFi connection)

ATTENTION: It's absolutely necessary to use the same Apple-ID you've used to buy the NAVIGON app.  

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Click on your account (profil picture on the top right) and then on Purchases.
  3. Type NAVIGON in the top search bar.
  4. Tap onto the iCloud symbol behind the NAVIGON app you want to install.
  5. The NAVIGON-App will now be installed and can be opened via the NAVIGON icon.
  6. If you have purchased In-Apps you can restore them within the Shop of the NAVIGON app. Therefore tap the button Restore purchases.

Uninstalling the NAVIGON app

Below you'll see how to completely uninstall the NAVIGON app from your mobile device.
This makes sense if you want to reinstall the NAVIGON app in case of an major error.

  1. Hold the NAVIGON icon until the mark appears.
  2. Tap on the mark.
  3. Confirm by tapping Delete.

Now the NAVIGON app is completely uninstalled  from your mobile device.