NAVIGON has provided customers with the newest map data as FreshMaps and LatestMaps at regular intervals.

The creation of digital maps is a continues process. As soon as the raw data is received from the map provider, it gets converted into it's own format and reviewed.

Garmin has decided to take all navigation apps off the market as of May 14th, 2018. For you, this means little change, since you can continue using your app or device as usual. Furthermore we also make an adjustment in the frequency of map releases. You'll get within the next two years at least a map update per year. (Expected release dates: end of 2018 and end of 2019) 

New purchases of maps within the apps or for your NAVIGON device are not possbile anymore, unless you use a VW, Seat or Skoda device.

We always aim to provide our customers with the new maps right after the tests have concluded successfully and release them in the order of completion.