You have installed your NAVIGON app (EU, DACH, etc.) on your iOS device but it's not possible to restore the purchased in-apps.


  1. Open your NAVIGON app.

  2. Enter the "Shop" in the main menu.

  3. Tap on "Restore purchases".

Attention: Please note that a listing of the acquired in-apps is no longer possible for technical reasons, as they can no longer be purchased since 14.05.2018. The purchased in-apps are not listed anymore. Please check them in the respective menus.


Important information:

  • In-app purchases are not part of family sharing. This restriction was given by Apple and we don't have any influence on this. Every user can buy in-apps which are directly connected to their Apple-ID.
  • In-app purchases can not be transfered to other operation systems (e.g. iOS to Android)
  • In-app purchases can not be transfered between different NAVIGON app versions (e.g. NAVIGON Europe to NAVIGON USA)