When starting the NAVIGON app you get the error message:

"No connection to server"


This error message appears when there is no possible online connection to the NAVIGON server. This can have many reasons:

  • Please disconnect your device from your WLAN and check if there is a valid data connection (GPRS)

  • Also check if a mobile data connection is available for the NAVIGON app (Settings > Mobile Data). The slider has to be on active for the NAVIGON app.

  • If you have an active VPN connection, please deactivate it.

  • If you are in a foreign country please activate data roaming. There will be 20 kB of traffic and after the checkup you can deactivate data roaming again.
    Please be aware that you need a data pass from your provider. Otherwise you can't activate data roaming. This data pass can be purchased via SMS or within your webbrowser of the mobile phone.

  • If this error still occures please reset your network setting in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting.
    Please be aware that all your WLAN and bluetooth password will be deleted. To avoid this please activate the "iCloud Keychain" to restore the passwords after that.