Here you can find the information for the NAVIGON app and how you can connect it via Bluetooth(e.g. with you car radio).


  1. Activate the Bluetooth interface on your mobile phone (Settings > Bluetooth => "Activate")

  2. All nearby Bluetooth devices will be listed. Select the device you want to connect with.

  3. Please select the option "Standard" within the NAVIGON app (Settings > Sounds > Voice output via Bluetooth) (For HFP select the option "Bluetooth")

  4. You can read the instruction manual of your Bluetooth device which format has to be used.

The Bluetooth connection can also be deactivated via the above instructions.


The volumn of the media and the navigation announcements can be set simultaneously via the volumn button of your iPhone. Within the NAVIGON App you can adjust the volumn in Settings > Sound > Volumn.

Please note:

  • If you receive a phone call while you navigate, the navigation announcements will be stopped during the phone call. You will be informed about your route on the mobile phone screen.

  • If a Bluetooth device is registered on your mobile phone, it will usually connect automatically again. This option can be changed manually in the settings of the "Control center" of your iPhone. Further information you can find on the homepage of Apple.
  • We as the app developer have no influence on the audio output of a mobile device or the internal speakers. This option can only be set in your Android operating system.