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How can I report errors in the map?

NAVIGON does not create the map data provided. The data is supplied by the map creator NAVTEQ/ NOKIA HERE. Once received, this data is converted by NAVIGON to suit the particular operating systems supported by NAVIGON.


The rate of change of the maps is high ; new roads, changes to traffic regulations, etc. If you are using an older map material, it is possible that some information is no longer up-to-date. Even if you use the latest map available, some information might still be missing. This is why we can only guarantee a maximum of 99% accuracy.


You can check the current map data installed on your device via the Map Manager. If you detect a map error in the current map data installed, you can report this directly to our map provider NAVTEQ/ NOKIA HERE. The necessary checks will be made and will be corrected with an upcoming map update.


Please use the following link to report a map error: 


If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the map provider directly.