Navigation Device Article von ops16mz7 · am 02.08.2016 10:11

Is my mobile device compatible with my NAVIGON device when connected via Bluetooth?

There are many mobile devices available which on one hand support many of the functions and on the hand not. We have established a list of different mobile devices ad have tested which are compatible with NAVIGON devices. Please download the PDF document (see below) for further assistance.

The following NAVIGON devices were tested with mobile devices:

  • NAVIGON 70/40
  • NAVIGON 92/72/42
  • NAVIGON 84xx Premium 
  • VW "maps + more"
  • Skoda "Move and Fun"
  • Seat Portable System
The Bluetooth compatibility list was done last on the 22.02.2013. Further checks for other devices is not planned. We apologize for the inconvenience.