Apple Article von ops16mz7 · am 04.08.2016 13:29

How can I update my NAVIGON app for Apple?

The NAVIGON app is managed by the App Store if it was purchased there. When we release an update for the NAVIGON app, you will automatically be notified by the App Store to update. New functions as well as safety and compatibility relevant implementations for a more stable usage of the app are available by updating.  

  1. Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Tap on Updates via the lower menu and then on Purchased.
  3. All installed apps are displayed via the tab  All.
  4. If an update is available, select the button Update.

Please note:  Apps can be updated automatically if this is preset in the Google Play Store settings or manually with the user's confirmation. This can be changed in the Google Play Store settings. More information here